Posted by: krokohunter | January 26, 2009

Wonder Festival

One of the mainthemes for this blog, is my planning of a trip to Japan in 2010, with the maingoal of attending the big 1-day event called Wonder Festival.

So what is Wonder Festival, you may ask. Well, to all who don’t know, I’ll give you a short introduction, to the best of my knowledge.

Wonder Festival is a bi-annual 1-day hobby-event, with a main focus on japanese-themed modelkits, figurines, Gundam, CosPlay and many other great things for us Otakus. It is held at the Tokyo Big Sight, and in the 7 hours it’s running, it’s visited by roughly 40.000 visitors…

It is a THE place to be for all Otaku model builders.

I’ll propably spend 3000$ within those 7 hours…

… and I can’t wait 😀

Tokyo Eye, has made a great coverage of a Wonder Festival Event. I can see it over and over again.

I’d also suggest you check out my friend Dr. TaK’s photocoverage of Wonder Festival 2008 Summer. There are some great photos. Dr. TaK’s is mainly focused on the Maschinen Krieger theme.

Check out his coverage here:

So, can you see, why I want to go? Actually when you think about it, travelling half around the planet to go for a 1-day hobby event, is pretty nuts… but it’ll be combined with so many other things on a 1- or 2-week vacation in Japan. I will cover all of these things in the future, in at “What I want to see in Japan” thread.



  1. I am also hopping to trip to Japan next year and Wonder Fest is a must must!!!!! lol now I just gotta start planning and saving money!!

  2. I’m hoping to get to Japan in 2010 also. What is the best way to find out far in advance when all the various shows (Wonder Fest, Super Fest, World Hobby Con,etc) are?

  3. Me too! How do I find the correct info. Such as the date and location of WF? I’d like to start planning my trip. Thanks, Ken

  4. Hi I’m also hoping to visit the Wonder Festival in 2010, i understand that the winter show is NOT being held at the Tokyo Big Site this year (due to an accident on an escalator ?!). I will post new location in the next couple of days.
    I will be travelling from England. ( the Summer show & Suzuka 8hr bike race.)
    Cheers Martin

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