Posted by: krokohunter | March 16, 2009

Kind of quiet, isn’t it!?

Yes yes, I know …. not much happening here lately.

Well, I guess I’ve been busy 😀

I’ve started a new Maschinen Krieger project for a “Model in a month” campaign, at a danish modeling-community, administrated by yours truly. It’s a Kröte, and I hope to have it ready for primer in a day or two.

Furthermore, I plan to get back to one of my projects from last summer.  A 1/5 resinfigure of Yoko from the anime “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” … I love Yoko, she’s so kewl, and the kit is awesome. I just need to wash the parts, and she should be ready for primer.


Last but not least, I’m awaiting a couple of new purchases in the post. However the Danish Custom “Service” has determined to hold onto one of my parcels, due to insufficient invoice-info. How I just love those guys … *cough *cough

So stay tuned!


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