Posted by: krokohunter | April 2, 2009

Todays Purchase Chapter 3

Ok, ok .. not actually todays purchase, as I received the kit 2 days ago. I simply haven’t had time to post it before now.

This is a grailkit to me …. so I was more than thrilled when I won it at YJA… Even at a super winningbid, which meant, that even with auctionfees, shipping and custom-fees, it ended close to the kits original price.

Which kit is he talking about, you say…..

Musasiya 1/5 Chou’un Shiryuu from the Anime Ikkitousen …



It’s a pretty big box …. and it contains a fair amount of wellcasted pieces…



And lastly 2 pics to illustrate just how freaking huge this kit is ….




If I could only purchase 1 single kit this year, this would be the kit I want … so I’m superthrilled. She’s going to be a killer!


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