About me

I’m a 31 year old teacher in Webdesigns, who likes to build models in my sparetime. I’m really fascinated by the Japanese culture and especially various subcultures e.g. Otaku.

I’ve built scifi-models most of my life, but over the last couple of years, my choice of genre has been more Japan-ofied … so to speak…. so right now my main interest is resin kits of Anime characters, Maschinen Krieger, a bit of Gundam, IJN ships (mainly 1/350) and misc. “oddball” kits, like Japanese temples and so!

Furthermore I’m very interested in attempting to build socalled Studio Scale models (replicas of the models built for the filming og e.g. Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars).

I want to use this blog, for documenting my different model building projects, Anime I’ve seen or different aspects of the Japanese culture, that I find fascinating…. but also for a documentation of my planning of a trip to a big Otaku hobbyfair called Wonder Festival, in Tokyo, in 2010.

Enjoy .. and please let me know what you’re think about my blog!

Arigatou gozaimasu
Niels M. Frederiksen

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